Self-taught and operating out of a grimy basement studio, the one-time army brat, art school dropout, is simply put, a creative powerhouse. Black Cracker, a provocatively pop and poetic artistic ingénue has created for and been featured in productions for the Kitchen, the Culture Project, and BAM Harvey Theater, along with working on projects with the Whitney Museum of Art, the NY Knicks and Russell Simmons' Def Jam. Black Cracker cut his teeth with sisterly avant-pop duo CocoRosie, for whom he produced tracks, DJ'd, and even provided a little beat-boxing and song-writing. Not your average hip-hop producer, his spacey, electro-flavored beats made him the mastermind behind the beats and hooks of game-changing "art rapper" Bunny Rabbit (Voodoo-EROS). He has been featured in VIBE, The New Yorker, Dazed And Confused, and even Playboy magazine for his sexy beats. XLR8R, in breaking down Black Cracker's sound said, "Imagine Joanna Newsom rolling around in a dumpster with an MPC instead of a harp." Twice featured in The New York Times, Black Cracker's groundbreaking solo record is a blend of lyrical genius and beat-boxing for a sound that is best described as Basquiat meets Tupac. An internationally and nationally-known two-time National Poetry Slam Champion who was named one of the 12 most fascinating NYC poets by UTOLD magazine, Black Cracker has been featured in numerous documentaries such as Slam Planet and Urban Scribe. In addition to being a fierce artistic talent, he was the Artistic Director of Urban Word NYC, one of the nation's leading literary and performance organizations for youth. He also was a recurring host at both the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café and the Apollo. When not hosting, beat-boxing, producing, or writing, Black Cracker can be found performing as a visiting artist/educator at colleges and universities across the U.S.
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