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1-2 Weeks
Velvet/Twenty Four

3024 001EP 3024 001EP

2009 repress of the 1st 3024 release. "We welcome you to 3024 -- a fresh new imprint combining the musical talents of Martyn and the graphic artistry of Erosie. After strong releases on labels such as Revolve:r, Soul:r Tempa and remix work for Hessle Audio and Offshore, Martyn has created his own musical playground where dubbed out sounds, Chicago & Detroit influenced melodies and lots of bass dwell freely. This first release brings you the sounds of 'Velvet,' a rugged beat, heavy sub-bassline with a playful melancholic melody progressing to an almost euphoric level. This track will stand out in any DJ set; it is the musical side of dubstep, or the dubby side of techno. The flip side 'Twenty Four' is a dark almost 2-step type roller, using looped chords and vocal snippets that are progressive in a creeping kind of way, and bringing back the funk of dubstep pioneers such as El-B and Horsepower in a 3024 fashion. As one of Europe's most rated and influential street artists Erosie brings his unique graphic styles to the world of 3024, making this first release a delight for the ear as well as the eye. Enjoy. 'Martyn is dealing with dubstep's groove deficiency with some of the slinkiest, lushest productions around. its clear that dubstep's epicenter is no longer just in South London.' -- (Kode9 - Hyperdub) 'Following on from the infectious 'everything about you' on Tempa, Martyn once again comes correct with this next level of deep and dubbed out visions. Good for the head and the dance floor. 5/5' -- (Rob Smith aka RSD) 'This release on Martyn's debut label is a proud way to introduce to the world the unique sound Martyn is bringing to the dubstep scene.' -- (Headhunter - Tempa) 'A huge talent. The Dennis Bergkamp of dance.' -- (Marcus Intalex - Soul:R)."