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Jah Wobble, Harold Budd, Jaki Leibezeit, Bill Laswell, & Graham Haynes. "Born out of a chance collaboration between Jah Wobble and Harold Budd, Solaris brings together an extraordinary line up of musicians to perform improvised modal adventures in dub, jazz and ambient music. Solaris gives audiences a rare and unique opportunity to watch a group of highly eclectic musicians who are pioneers in the worlds of ambient, post-rock, world and jazz music perform together for the first time ever. Taking the name for the project from Russian film maker Andrei Tarkovsky's sci-fi classic Solaris, Jah Wobble talks about his inspiration in the director's faith and belief; 'You get this mystical vision of the world, a certain kind of stillness. Now the world of film has been influenced by the wacky world of video, where you've got to have scene changes and fast edits every second or two. And that reminded me of record companies in the 80s and 90s. You couldn't let things run for a few bars without change going on, because god forbid but the audience is so fucking stupid they might lose the plot, they might get bored. You can't have that, they've always got to be stimulated. It's very unhealthy shit that's going on. That's why Tarkovsky is the antidote to that kind of craziness.' Wobble's Solaris project offers its own antidote through music itself."