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Live at the Cafe Montmartre

ACV 4004LP ACV 4004LP

"Two factors contribute to make the present record very different from previous Cecil Taylor records... it was recorded 'live' and it was recorded by a group without a bass player (...) What has been preserved on this record, is part of a night's programme at the Montmartre, and it shows Taylor playing with an intensity and abandon (especially on the one very long track) which have rarely been captured on his previous records. Listening to parts of 'Trance' and 'D. Trad, That's What,' you may find more than a bit of the biting furioso which has been foreign to jazz piano playing since the great years of Bud Powell (...)" --from the original liner notes; One of the most original pianists in the history of free jazz, Mr. Cecil Taylor developed his innovative improvisation departing from conventional idioms through distinctive musical constructions and percussive renditions, thereby opening new possibilities in jazz. His unsurpassed virtuosity and strong will inject an intense, vital force into his music, which has exerted a profound influence on a broad range of musical genres. Music composed by Cecil Taylor. Recorded in Copenhagen, November 23, 1962. Features three bonus tracks omitted from the original version. A numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).