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Belle View I-IV Reissue


"Nachtluft was a Zurich-based trio consisting of Gunter Muller on electronic percussion, Jacques Widmer on acoustic percussion, and Andres Bosshard on a unique cassette machine setup (with speakers distributed around the room), and all three musicians on metal. Self-described as a 'project for two drummers and live electronics in an all-over installation,' they formed in 1986, and went on to make this album, one other LP for Unit, and a Japanese CD. For fans of electronic music, noise rock, post-techno, advanced electronica, sound installation, and free improvisation, this record will come as a startling revelation and powerful manifesto on the glory of enormous electroacoustic sound." The following from Jim O'Rourke's liner notes: "It's hard to believe these recordings are almost 15 years old. Even harder, for me, to believe that I've had the record almost that long. Where does the time go? That's a good question: what happened to the time here? Why does it seem to be so assured in it's progression of events, yet seem completely free of the constraints of them? It doesn't have the feel of improvised music, a good sign. In fact, when I first bought the record, I didn't know it was improvised music at all. I threw it on then as I throw it on now, in confusion. This is group sound. Improvising groups that reach this single-mind unity are rare, and they are all puzzling: AMM's The Crypt has a picture that makes it impossible to tell how the hell they make their sounds; the back cover of Music Improvisation Company looks like they are appearing on Star Search; and now the graphic on the back cover makes me wonder about Nachtluft. They have this extra special awareness of the space they play in (in fact, they've organized concerts happening simultaneously on different continents, on bridges, through satellites). When it comes time for the big collapse the scientists keep talking about, this will be a good last choice for the stereo. Get out your pots and pans."