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The Chaos Space Marines

AOP 005 AOP 005

5th volume in this 12" series (many volumes appear to now be out of print). "The dynamic duo known as Bandulu confronts us with the well armed and highly mobile Chaos Space Marine Bikers in their first track, entitled 'Deadly ride'. A fast paced fanfare launching the biker's deadly raids behind enemy lines bringing terror and death over their pure victims. You know, what which they cannot destroy, they will defile. Those who they do not defeat will know only despair. Bandulu's second contribution 'Dance, nurgling, dance...' comes through your speakers as a quite groovy dub-woofer with nice sounds. Even the most rotten, stinky god of decay and pestilence should spread his putrefaction with a funky dance. Yeah, shake your booty, my god of corrosion. On the B-side DisX3, aka Alexander Kowalski, enchants us with an 'Unholy pray', which is is filled with mystical themes and a dark driving beat. His second track is a celebration of Slaanesh, keeper of secrets. It's impossible to describe his despicable power of his/her two-sided nature. Half male and half female this obscene mixture of animosity and man is a trap for any mortal kind. 'Slaanesh' is an electro-track with a mysterious atmosphere in accompaniment of heavy bouncing drums and a razor sharp bassline."