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Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 3

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"In time, all wrongdoings are eligible for correction. Even in the eye of a storm, we must endure the invalid as a objective fragment in the existence of mankind. Effortlessly, time passes over and onto, without you and without us. On it, we mark the acceptance of the new with the chance to begin again and give away the hand of the past, free of inadmissibles. Those who are punctual are thieves of time. Robbing from reserves of time that have been designated for nothing. In time, time tells truths or at least the truths you've been waiting for. Time is the oldest living thing we own. Its rate of speed is constant and in all, infinite. Some never have enough time, which are those people that are quick to recognize those who waste it. Is time or is it not? It has been said that seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries are just about all the average human can imagine and plan for. Millsart believes not. All that is needed to calculate is that 'one of these days is none of these days'. Now that you've read this, please be advised that Every Dog Has Its Day." --Millsart