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"Lisa Sokolov: voice, Wolter Wierbos: trombone Gerry Hemingway: Drums, Sampler, Voice, James Emery: guitars, John Butcher: tenor sax, Kermit Driscoll: ac / el bass, Ellery Eskelin: tenor sax, Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer, Herb Robertson: trumpets, Gerry Hemingway is back! From the beginning of his career in the 70s, the tireless percussionist and composer has been unstoppable in his progression to the absolute front-line of the New York downtown scene. Songs has a fresh, dynamic sound to it. Inspiration came into his life through his marriage to wife Nancy and -- in musical terms -- his new-found interest in song-writing, a first in Hemingway's work. After a series of chamber music works in recent years, Songs is a liberating creative experience. The idea of writing songs didn't come to him over night, however, as Hemingway recounts:'I have been harbouring that wish for quite some time. Songs were always a source of inspiration for my compositions, just as the phrases of singers always influenced my drumming.'What ultimately led to the present collection of songs were the changes in Hemingway's personal life, which obviously gave him a great deal of inspiration -- he is bursting with creative and performing energy. And the optimism has also perceptibly infected the musicians of his excellent band -- so we can really hope that life holds many great things in store for Gerry Hemingway in the coming years."