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Back From The Rains


"As part of Cherry Red's 30th anniversary commemorations -- we shall be revisiting many key artists' releases and they will be remastered, repressed and re-promoted. What better than to kickstart proceedings with one of Mike Alway's first signings -- the esteemed band, Eyeless In Gaza. Here's what Martyn Bates himself has to say about the title song on this CD: '"Back From The Rains" -- my personal, utter favorite of anything we've ever, ever done... just something about the instrumentation gets me, really excites and moves me, quite apart from the song itself, which I'm so proud of -- the instrumentation, it's like a mad soupçon of different and clashing elements... the mournful harmonica, crazy wailing voices, a delicious bluesy bass line, and Pete's mad, wonderful drums; he plays a totally unorthodox set of drums, and it really works like a dream on the right song... he played drums all over Rust Red September, and it was his characteristic unorthodox approach that helped to make that album such an individual voice... but now, with this album, it's like we've got the best of both worlds, with Pete and Joby Palmer drumming in the studio. Strengths and weaknesses are shared, according to the demands of each song, whatever each song requires... tho' it's generally Joby who is the solid backbone type drummer, and Pete who is the 'eccentric' player, knocking and tapping and banging everything in sight at eighteen to the dozen... the lyric just has to be one of the most naked and tender things I've ever written... it echoes "Welcome Now" in its sentiment, really, except that it's so much more personal and close, so close it aches... that's me doing the barmy soprano choirboy bit in the background; a duet with myself, thanks to the miracle of technology! ...if I never lift another finger to make any more music, it's almost as if "That's OK, everything's said now"; to me it's so special -- I don't know, we must have been possessed when we recorded this!'"