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Dance Baby


"Diynamic main man, producer extraordinaire and glob trotting DJ, Solomun, delivers his debut long-player Dance Babyfor the Hamburg based imprint. It is a staggeringly short time in which the Bosnian-born Croatian Mladen Solomun has exerted a considerable influence in house music. Just four years of consistent, forward thinking and innovative releases have propelled the gentle giant into the big league. His stewardship of the Diynamic imprint, parties and radio show have won him an army of fans as well as providing a platform for other notable talent such as Stimming, H.O.S.H and Ost & Kjex to become similarly influential. The brilliant debut, Dance Babysees Solomun further refine his craft and delivering an album which provides a neat but powerful insight into not just house itself, but his very personal view of the genre and it's development. Just as early house did, Dance Babydistils disco, soul, funk and electronic sounds into a heady mix which flows like a classic DJ set -- ebbing, flowing and taking in the whole spectrum of moods and energies. This flow also lends itself to home listening wonderfully, a rare trait for a house album and one that makes Dance Babyall the more endearing. Opener 'Country Song' slides you into Solomun's world with a 1 bar live bass loop doing all the work while layered keys and vocal ad-libs are scattered about the track creating a light, airy introduction. Darker edged cuts like the low slung 'Boyz in The Hood' and the incredibly tweaked out 'Blackout' create a sharp contrast but the programming means there are no moody quagmires to get caught in. As with much of his previous output, Dance Babyis oozing with classic house references, such as the Detroitian string stabs of 'Hypnotize,' Chicago 'jack' of 'Déjà vu' and the rabblerousing vocals of 'Cloud Dancer'. There are even touches of the oft forgotten Sheffield 'bleep' sound which resonate throughout."