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Concert For Piano And Orchestra Etc.

EMI 2344542CD EMI 2344542CD

Featured works: Credo in Us; Imaginary Landscape No.1; Concert for piano and orchestra; Solo for voice 1 & 2; Rozart Mix; Suite for Toy Piano; Music for Carillon Nos.1, 2 & 3. Performed by Burkhard Wissemann, Michael Dietz, Christoph Keller, Johann Nikolaus Matthes, Hermann Danuser, Bell Imhoff, Doris Sandrock / Ensemble Musica Negativa, Rainer Riehn. "This selection of Cage's music provides a rare opportunity to get to know a range of works that were written between the years 1939-65, which were some of the composer's most productive years. Credo In Us is a ballet score written for Cage's long-time partner and collaborator the choreographer and dancer, Merce Cunningham. Imaginary Landscape is scored for four performers who play a muted piano and cymbal as well as two variable-speed phonographs with amplifiers, Imaginary Landscape No.1 is important for being one of the first examples of electro-acoustic music. Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra has no overall score, but all the parts are written out in detail. A performance of the Concert may include all of the instruments, but may also be performed as a solo, duet, trio or any combination of the given instruments, resulting in a change of title (e.g. solo for piano or Concert for piano, voice and 2 violins, in case it is combined with a Solo for Voice.) In this recording two solo voices are used. The Suite for Toy Piano is one of Cage's works for prepared piano and the Music for Carillon bring this collection to a fascinating conclusion."