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"What We Live is a San Francisco-based jazz/improvised music group formed by bassist/composer Lisle Ellis in 1994. The three regular members are Lisle Ellis: acoustic bass; Lawrence Ochs, tenor and sopranino saxophones; Don Robinson, drums and percussion. The ensemble's formation was inspired by and a direct result of Ellis' work with Ochs and Robinson within the context of The Glenn Spearman Double Trio, which performed and recorded from 1991 until the leader's death in 1998. Ellis' initial vision was to bring together a small group of musicians to investigate concepts central to the tradition of jazz-based improvisation swing, song form, modalities, etc -- in a less explicit manner than the mainstream but in a more emphatically traditional way than offered by the practice of free jazz. Saadet Türköz was born in Istanbul in 1961. As a child, living in Istanbul, Saadet was fascinated by the Arabic language and the melodious texts of the Koran which gave her the first opportunity to deliberately improvise without paying attention to sense and correctness. In her performances of Kazakh and Turkish songs, she is looking to transform memory. She seeks to evoke pictures and atmosphere by means of voice and music, which transcends cultural boundaries. Memory is everywhere and every time the same -- not changeable -- but the expression is different: Individual perception develops a universal impression of the cultural life."