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01 03 :47
02 04 :25
03 07 :39
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05 04 :47
06 04 :43
07 08 :58
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11 02 :20
Ytre Rymden Dansskola

FP 003CD FP 003CD

2009 release. This is the debut album by Norway's Ytre Rymden Dansskola aka Marius Våreid and Jarle Bråthen. This pair first came to light on Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas' "Essential Mix" for BBC Radio1 and from there joined the Full Pupp family and saw their debut single for the imprint in 2007. The act name, though seemingly unpronounceable, apparently means "Outer Space Dance School," an appropriate moniker for a pair who seem to have mastered the cosmic sound of the future. A real breath of fresh air in a world of same-y electronic productions, Våreid and Bråthen themselves describe their music as "deep-sea-diving, tropical island/cosmic/space/contemporary disco," and they're right -- this is warm, engaging and slightly surreal music in every sense. From opening cut "1001 Natt" with its unexpected time signature and hypnotic analog synth-work to the dub-infused closer "Over Og Ut," there is a rich diversity here that keeps you hooked. Previous Full Pupp singles "Kjappfot" with its wondrous deep house elements and "Afterski" with its uplifting string stabs are certainly highlights, but there are no lulls in this album's sonic soundscape, with each track bringing something new and inspiring to the table. For every aspiring "nu-disco" producer out there, it would seem that there are lessons to be learned from the Outer Space Dance School.