PRICE: $11.00


"The French project Dop is not simply one of those real 3-man combos which are not all that often to be seen in the world of club music. A really dynamic trio, who torch everything live if it ain't moving. An extraordinarily self sufficient band with a nonchalant manner of combining live instruments, singing and electronica on point as if it was the easiest thing in the world. There is also still the right balance, where fun and deepness clash, leaving the absurd and chunky elements out of the picture altogether; hence the fine details. There are still scores of mighty deeds waiting in the future, as well as on this fine 12" (already the 3rd Milnor Modern) with a degree of timelessness. Seldom have such unerring club thumps, the essence of a jazzy swing and musical pretense ever so close together, that the nightly congregation can completely be in agreement -- head music for the extremities with the beatitude still intact; cool entertainment is introduced. A1: Panik: An absolute street jam housed in a classic length! As if the Violent Femmes strolling with the jazz collection of their fathers explodes upon contact with a high voltage cable. So much promise -- so much delivered in just 3 minutes and 15 seconds of sweat breaking out! A2: Panik (Krause Duo Rmx): Dop on the electric chair from Krause Duo! You just know there is going to be some joyfully rapid hand movements feeding the MPC. A super happy Krause with an impactful fulfillment of sweeps and bass drums without toot and voice swept under the rug. B1: Ikarus Melancholic songwriter art meets transcendental club music. The long living and compulsive combination of song and track, long since a summer afternoon veranda-house driven with a perfectly evened-out balance between pressure and space. B2: Nature Boy A short opus driven of voice, tenor sax and military drums encased in a temporal gloom, on which the hopeful beauty of the autumn is carried."