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Will To Love/Cortez The Killer (Live)

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"Neil Young is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our era, a man of bare-knuckled will and innate, self-reliant artistic talent that has ascended from unsophisticated origins to epitomize the uncompromising major label artist that retains total creative autonomy -- a league that he and few others belong to. Originally a member of the legendary Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young folk-rock supergroup of the 1960s, Young broke away after their initial successes to concentrate on his own unmitigated self-actualization, a devastatingly sincere emotional illumination through song that circumvents celebrity and ego to deliver the core spirit of Young's vast, poetic and always piercingly relevant universe of expression: timeless, soulful, objectively flawless music. Young's work wields an inarticulable emotional poignancy, leaving the definite sensation that each song not only eternalizes the temporal emotional states of the artist himself, but speaks for all things -- sentient and inanimate -- all emotions -- joyful or despairing -- all the tragedies, triumphs and uncertainties of the human condition, united in a universal expression of the master's collective embodiment. Part of what has enabled Young's talent to flourish is his determination to maintain an impassible distance between his music and the poisonous superficialities and distractions of fame and profit. Keeping small company and focusing tirelessly on his music, Young is the greatest example of true, unfettered and unsoiled artistic integrity, a fact that has been proven constantly over the last four decades of his career: he is one of the seldom artists that cannot be separated from his work, his music a direct outpouring of his worldview. With heart-wrenching, totally unique vocals and raw, expressive, guitar-driven genius, Neil Young has lead the way for all introspective, forward-thinking individuals that know that something's not quite right in this strange world -- but assured that, at the end of the day, everything will be alright, if we can only take up our sorrows in the realm of dream, desire and song; this is Young's eternal contribution to universal spirit." "Will To Love" taken from the album American Stars 'N Bars; "Cortez The Killer" taken from the album Live In San Francisco; also included (but not listed on the cover) is "Dead Man Theme [Infinite]."