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Please Smile My Noise Bleed


Features two new songs by Múm and six remixes by Styrofoam, ISAN, Phonem, Christian Kleine, Arovane and B. Fleischmann. Not to be confused with the Múm Remixed album on Thule. In a way, it was only a matter of time before Múm would end up on Morr Music. Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to the Icelandic quartet's celebrated debut album Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK, knows that Múm's "eye shutting-bicycle beats, sounds and melodies" would feel suitably at home with Morr. This record came to be raw for Múm, like a raw carrot. In a way, their machines wrote the music themselves, while Múm were playing around on a mountain, lying down, standing up, running around. When they came back they were surprised by their beauty. This is where things started looping and feedbacking and even the old mountain radio swam in with a few random words and murmurs. A very old distant friend joined in singing, but only for a split second. When the songs had recorded themselves on tape, Thomas sent them out to all his nice guys who made new pieces out of them, each one special. Christian Kleine's old mountain radio is playing a steady diet of old school electro pop. Eight-bit snare drums and a deep massaging sub-bass manage to put a headnoddingly near-perfect groove into Múm's delicacies. Styrofoam has the original Múm melodies spinning out of control while somewhere along the way, a vocoder and a steady kickdrum manage to sneak in. Bernhard Fleischmann makes a happy return with some splendid cut-up old school hip-hop action with the Múm girls humming along gently. Phonem turns Múm's clearcut melodies into shifting layers of grainy sound and deep textures, only to be interrupted by an ever-evolving broken beat. Arovane does what he does best: lush homemade synths and basement beats. ISAN contribute their dark and brooding "Cantena" mix -- all deep analog bass and persistently ringing bells with the original melody making only the vaguest of appearances.