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Summer Echoes


This is the second album by Iceland's new king of lo-fi layered lushness Sindri Már Sigfússon and his solo-project Sin Fang (he dropped the "Bous"). Sigfússon is now already his 4th album release (including 2 records from his other musical outlet Seabear) since 2007. The album oscillates wildly, unearthing glimpses of familiarity -- vintage Flying Nun here, Paw Tracks there and a Belle And Sebastian pop sensibility -- while retaining the stark originality of this uber-talented artist and producer. After having set himself the task of playing all instruments on his debut solo album Clangour (MORR 088CD/LP), this time around Sigfússon wanted to move closer to the sound of a live band and recruited a number of his friends from múm, Amiina and Seabear to record Summer Echoes in his own studio and Sigur Rós' Sundlaugin studio. The arrangements are more band-oriented, grander in scope and more transparent than their predecessor's and there is a diverse breadth of sounds across Summer Echoes' dozen songs, reaching from a heartbreaking intimate piano ballad like "Two Boys" to sudden outbursts of guitar noise in "Bruises." Not even the one-off appearance of synthetic beats in "Sing For A Dream" sound out of place when drenched in Sin Fang's signature layered wash of sound and it is the album's first single, "Because Of The Blood" that encapsulates the essence of this album in a euphoric orchestral pop song that manages to merge epic tune-sculpting with several layers of choir abundance. The fact that Sigfússon did not only write all the music but also was doing most of the recording and production promises a lot for his future and Summer Echoes conveys the feeling that the real story has only just begun: and in fact, a next Sin Fang album is already fully written and Sigfússon shows no willingness to slow down. The artwork for the release was done together with Sigfússon's partner Inga Birgisdóttir.