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Like Cannibal Father Like Cannibal Son

OM 003LP OM 003LP

Optimo Music is usually known as a 12" label, but occasionally something rare and dangerous comes their way that compels them to release a full-length album. It's not exactly a dance album, although there is music you can dance to on it. It's more filmic in nature, with gads of references to wonderful directors like Kubrick and Carpenter that will enthrall a film buff, particularly if they're interested in electronic dance music. There's a sleazy and unsettling feel to many of the tracks ("Tina Weymouth" is a sleazy floor-monster groove), but this album is sure to intrigue and delight. The film references are directly relevant, as Felizol & The Boy are film directors Yiannis Veslemes and Alexandros Voulgaris, who live in Athens, Greece and have composed music for numerous feature films. They also perform live in house clubs, heavy metal dungeons and hippy-friendly festivals. They have this to say about their release: "We had a loose concept for this album and we compiled tracks that we've recorded in the last three years that have to do with cannibalism -- literally, but also as a metaphor for the blessing and the tyranny of paying homage to music and films (and directors and musicians). So these are songs about the agony of creating something new and personal when so much information and so many influences are fused into them."