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The Messenger


The Planetary Assault Systems project has been active for some 15 years now, channeling an exploratory theme into cutting-edge, non-conformist techno for the clubs but also for listening at home. His previous album for Ostgut Ton, Temporary Suspension (OSTGUT 009CD/004LP), re-instated that classic P.A.S sound and found the dexterous artist touring even more with this tougher, purist techno aesthetic. And yet again, Slater maintains his prolific output with the announcement of The Messenger. In his own words, it's a project that stays very true and honest to the Planetary Assault Systems goal: a journey of discovery, to create new sounds which are not otherwise present in club music at this time. From the album's beautiful introductory track "Railer (Further Exploration)," which floats through the bubbling ether before leading into the mysterious depths of "Beauty In The Fear," it is clear that Slater's role as sound explorer and adventurer has been dutifully fulfilled. With a sense of timing that can only be expected from such an experienced DJ and musician, we are led through a series of stand-out tracks, where no one feels less pure, yet each has their own voice. Indeed, there's a strong club element present here -- Slater play-tested all the tracks and employed a careful editing process to make sure they all fit the description. Highly playable works of club-intended sound art, early heavy moments like "Bell Blocker" or the playful "Wriss" give way to even more severe messages as "Kray Squid" pulses onto the radar with magnetic energy. The drum barrage of "Rip The Cut" speaks directly to the dancefloor, perhaps the most rhythmically-intense moment of the album, which is not to be put lightly as the rolling, filtering tones of "Cold Bolster" and "Black Tea" urge us further into perfectly frenetic moments.