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Where We Need No Map


Andi Otto alias Springintgut presents his third album, Where We Need No Map. Since his last record, Otto has invented a new instrument. His "fello" is a cello with movement sensors attached to the bow with corresponding software. The development has already been tested at STEIM in Amsterdam in 2007. Since then, Otto has achieved vital refinements of the system, cooperated with artists in various fields as diverse as choreographers in Macedonia, theater in Nigeria, and techno DJs in the Berghain Kantine in Berlin and at the Fusion Festival. He has even played the instrument solo on different continents. For this album, Otto takes the fello to his studio in Hamburg for the first time. He records his instrument which has until today only been presented live on stage. In these fello sessions, the bow gestures immediately modulate and process the amplified cello sound. In the subsequent edits, he selects and cuts these sessions and merges them with other styles, such as skweee, house, and jazz. Springintgut's trademark sound, this unique playfulness, is present throughout, while the live-processed cello adds an unrivaled deepness. The artist's expeditions even add more color. Two tracks have been recorded in India. The lead voice on "Bangalore Kids" is a field recording of a schoolboy in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Andi Otto spent three months in Japan as an artist-in-residence in the Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. During this period, he produced the more contemplative tracks on the album, like "Kamogawa Cycling" and "Western Kyoto." In Sri Lanka he met Sasha Perera, the voice of Berlin's dub-techno band Jahcoozi, and they recorded two songs together. Especially on "Bullet," one can sense the lazy, muggy, peaceful heat of the afternoons in which this beautiful track has been composed. These stories may help to locate the music's origins but still the sound of Where We Need No Map points us to unknown territories.