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Intimate Rituals

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Switzerland-based Romanian composer Horatiu Radulescu presents the premiere recorded release of Intimate Rituals, his mystic travel into Sound (the original sound icons composed in 1986) for one or two violas. Horatiu Radulescu was born in Bucharest in 1942, and is a noted composer, having developed his spectral technique of composition in the late 1960s. This technique, according to Radulescu "comprises variable distribution of the spectral energy, synthesis of the global sound sources, micro- and macro-form as sound-process, four simultaneous layers of perception and of speed, and spectral scordaturae, i.e. rows of unequal intervals corresponding to harmonic scales." The first work to result from these new ideas was Credo for nine cellos, composed in 1969. Radulescu developed these ideas further in a large catalog of works (now spanning more than 100 compositions), including work for six string quartets, five piano sonatas, a piano concerto, and many works for unconventional ensembles. "In 2003, I composed Intimate Rituals XI (a work for viola) using the tape of the pre-recorded sound icons with a viola in a spectral scordatura, a very special tuning-chord. The viola is in a constant dialogue with the sound icons (I don't like to think of the piece as viola and tape; ideally the sound icons would be live). The viola and the sound icons are dependent on each other, sometimes crossing, sometimes not. There are very intense moments as the sound icons describe a high register climax at the Golden Section; the viola attains its highest sounds there too and then decays, very strangely, reaching again the low and the richest timbres. 'Intimate Rituals' are very private, maybe even erotic, situations. From the original recording of the sound icons in the Lucero studio in Versailles in 1986 to the live premiere in 2003 is a big span of 17 years, but the same atmosphere should be achieved, a sort of spiritual intimacy." Intimate Rituals is here performed by noted French musicians Gérard Caussé and Vincent Royer.