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2009 repress, originally released in 2001. Jacques Berrocal has been very active since the beginning of the 1970s. No one in France could mix jazz, improvisation, rock'n'roll, punk, no wave, spoken-word and industrial music like him. He also had a central position in the creation of d'Avantage, a collective record label that issued some of the most particular sessions of the mid-late '70s. At the same time he was working on neverending sessions for records that were never issued. Jacques and his band were the apostles of the non-urgency, enjoying recording in unusual situations, with no rules, improvising on undefined structures or using non-musical material mixed with ethnic instrumental solos. In 1976 d'Avantage issued a wonderful record LP titled Parallèles featuring, among others, Bernard Vitet, Roger Ferlet, Pierre Bastien, Michel Potage, Daniel Deshays, with the intervention of Vince Taylor, the dark diamond of rock'n'roll who inspired David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Just a couple of years later Berrocal collaborated with Steven Stapleton to create the first Nurse With Wound LP. Parallèles features very different styles; acoustic solo and duo for trombone and cornet as well as a large ensemble 25 minute-long piece dedicated to the Futurist Russolo (again, two years later, Mr. Stapleton dedicated his first NWW record to the same Italian artist). Also of mention are "Post-Card," recorded in a pigsty in 1976, and the legendary "Rock'n'roll Station," a mini-concert for voice (Vince Taylor), double bass (Roger Ferlet) and bicycle (Berrocal). The remastered CD also includes five previously-unreleased tracks that were actually left out of the original record: "Villa Povera Naturale" (1972) is a short piece for pocket trumpet and various concrète elements; "Occupé" by Michel Potage is an excerpt taken from an LP that d'Avantage never issued; "Shorten" and "Lisylis Pavillon" are the first experiments using electronics and "Cryptea IV," taken from the sessions of the early Futura LP. Thirty years later, Jacques Berrocal is still there, where nothing is waiting for him, totally outside the rules, and out of fashion. A digipack CD edition including a folded insert with very nice original photos and scores.