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Cosmolab is the new name of Luis Carlos Esteban, historical character of the electronic pop landscape of Madrid who has been playing synthesizers since 1982 in mythical bands such as Tino Casal and Olé-Olé. For 20 years, he has been a producer and programmer of many of the great artists of the electronic pop of Spain and Latin American scene. From outsider artists like Astrud, Chico y Chica, and Ellos, to megastars like Thalia, they have passed through the hands of this producer and synth programmer. He has also impacted Mexican embryonic electronics groups such as Primer Nivel and La Siguiente Página, who today are the story of the music of that country. He has the best synthesizer collection in Spain with iconic pieces such as the Buchla, VCS3, CS80, 2600, etc. An artist of contrasts, and very interested in the pursuit of quality of sound textures, he worked for several years as a sound engineer for the Reina Sofía Chamber Orchestra and is professor of Electronic Music and Modular Synthesis in Fundación Autor. Cosmolab is a new mystic project that exists in a synthetic, textural ambient flow between noise and the harmony, created with analogue synths and without computers. Improvisation is the main maximum in the construction of his musical material. Bi is the perfect music for a look inside and outside at the stars at the same time. The Bi concept speaks of the polarity of the jail in the human , the self and the other, woman-man, truth-lie, internal-external, and all else that sets us free.