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Way Of The Morris


Way Of The Morris is a contemporary film exploring the roots of Morris Dancing in the village of Adderbury in Great Britain. This unusual soundtrack release is a wondrous and slightly ghostly sonic trip into rural England, utilizing field recordings, actual sound from the film and inventive modern compositions from the score. It is being released on the OST label, a brand new offshoot of Trunk Records. Adrian Corker is an experienced musician and soundtrack man. His work in the past has involved both solo work and inspiring collaborations, co-composing for over 15 films beginning with the gangster movie Face directed by Antonia Bird and starring Ray Winstone. On the other side of the Atlantic, he has composed for Hollywood films such as Ravenous alongside Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn, as well as writing the score for the European art house film Three Degrees Colder, performed by the Nuremburg Symphony Orchestra. Away from the screen, he has recently co-written a new experimental piece "What Happens" with John Matthias and Andy Prior for piano, voice, violin and electronics and is also musically involved with Peter Greenaway's new film Goltzius And The Pelican Company. He is a founding member of sound/film collective 4Way Lab. The score for Way Of The Morris was performed by Adrian using a mixed bag of both ancient and modern instruments, a '70s Japanese tape delay and a laptop. It was all later mixed by David Prior, who is a sound artist winner of this year's PRS New Music Prize. The album also features performances from, amongst others, the Adderbury Village Morris Men, Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention and some birds in a field in Oxfordshire. The feathered kind, of course. The album works wonderfully as a slightly spooky voyage through historic rural England, deliberately avoiding all the current soundtrack musical clichés.