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01 04 :19
02 04 :55
03 06 :48
04 06 :04
05 04 :39
06 05 :44
07 06 :06
09 04 :49
10 06 :01
11 05 :41
12 09 :20
13 07 :31


This is the debut full-length release by London's Afrobutt (Stevie Kotey). Many will recall the wonderful moments Kotey brought us with offerings on Big Bear and Noid. This time, Afrobutt jumps ship to the bright young things at Electric Minds. Afrobutt's life has been dedicated to two things -- disco and butts. He spent the last 15 years researching these two subjects so he could then report his findings to the rest of the world. The journey has been a long one, but on his travels, Afrobutt made recordings and rearranged them in way that would be certain to get butts moving. Wunderbutt is a collection of those recordings, shimmering in their full disco glory. No stone has been left unturned to reach his goal of providing sexy, dubby disco music that will have your butt shaking at home or on a disco-friendly dancefloor. Certainly, Kotey's the man for the job; to date he's recognized as the head honcho of Bear Entertainment and new label Ambassadors Reception, and as an accomplished producer and DJ. Be it during the '90s with the wonderful trio Akwaaba (together with Paul "Mudd" Murphy and Tom Lee) and their organic take on all things disco or on his own with one of his charming disguises such as Afrobutt, Darkfader or Big Bear; the later one also being the name of Kotey's initial label. Picking up the echelon and the blades of traditional edit smithies like Black Cock or Noid, Big Bear was the place that cherished the art of a creative (insert disco, Balearic, cosmic, pop here) edit in dry times. Infected with and influenced by the anything-goes-as-long-as-it-flows aesthetics by disc jockeys like the surfing DJ Harvey and his first disciples, the notorious Idjut Boys, Kotey developed an impressive style of his own and an exciting label conglomerate. Under the Bear Entertainment umbrella, kids like Bear Funk and Hairy Claw rapidly grew up, and it was there, where a wider audience heard names like Todd Terje, DJ Kent, Prins Thomas & Lindstrøm, Brennan Green, Michoacan or Lexx for the first time.