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2015 release. Kebko Music is Tokyo-based Akiko Kiyama's independent music label, focusing on avant-garde music which is not bounded by any specific genres, but embraces the whole range of techno, experimental music, field- and live-recordings and classical music. The label owner established her name by Richie Hawtin featuring her track in his well-known DE9 Transitions mix in 2005. Since then, her music style has gradually changed to explore the edge of electronic music. The core of the label is based on small handcrafted editions of cassette tapes. Since her youth, she was surrounded by classic music education and had been playing piano for 20 years. Her music career started 2004 with her debut EP Dimension on Sud Electronic, which got great support from renowned DJs and musicians like Mad Mike, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, and Ricardo Villalobos. And in November 2005, her track "Like Ancient" was licensed by M_nus records, appearing on DE9 Transitions by Richie Hawtin. In 2007, She moved to Berlin to follow through with her commitment to dance music and to develop her style further. She also released several singles on reputable labels such as Contexterrior and Lick My Deck, and her first album 7 Years came out on District Of Corruption. Since then, she has been playing in Europe, North and South America, and Japan, widely, including her main acts at Fabric London and Panorama bar Berlin. This is Akiko Kiyama's fourth full-length album, stemming from two years of exploration outside her established dancefloor inclinations, boiling down her sound to its essential organic grooves, intricate harmonies, and eerie atmospheres. The nature of her organic grooves lies within inter-sound gaps, carefully crafted to lead the listener through time distortions and into a hypnotic solitary world where music is breathed, not played. A sound imprinted of a definitely human character and vigor, yet sometimes ambiguous, fleeting, and capricious. From her peculiar sense of harmony and rhythm, and a meticulous minimal approach to composition, rich lyrical lines emerge to form a unique musical universe that few have had the chance to hear.