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Madre Tierra


"Cadenza returns to its Chilean roots to spotlight Alejandro Vivanco, who makes his debut appearance on the label. Long established as a musical force in his own country -- first in the underground group Pequeñas Particulas, and more recently as resident DJ at La Feria, one of the cornerstones of Santiago's electronic music scene -- Alejandro has spent the last few years forging connections with the Northern Hemisphere. In 2004-05 he released two 12" singles on the UK's Eukahouse label before developing a long-standing relationship with Cologne's Kahlwild, which so far has put out four of his singles. His work hasn't fallen on deaf ears: the track 'Las Velas No Arden' from his Kahlwild debut, has been included on Loco Dice's Green & Blue, Dominik Eulberg's Kreucht & Fleucht, and Luciano's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Volume 2. 'Lemon Lab' opens the EP with a note of high drama, as great clouds of digital synthesis and bird-like squeals suggest the humid, voluminous interior of the cloud forest. (If we're going to talk about Madre Tierra, this must be the womb.) Slowly, a structure evolves: from the low muttering of a lonely voice arises an animalistic heartbeat played out on high toms. The beat skips, and skips again, and suddenly the mists part, as though an ayahuasca haze had given way to absolute animal clarity. From here on out, we're in it, lithe and prowling, hugging the ground on a muscular 4/4 beat as insectoid sounds and syncopated wood-block accents clatter above. Like yagé, it's not for the faint of heart -- but for adventurous DJs. 'Lemon Lab' promises something far better than early-hour timekeeping: the prospect of a journey. 'Dissolved' is a more straightforward affair, bouncing atop a spring-loaded beat and relaxed, ragged handclaps. Faint flashes of voice, like intercepted shortwave transmissions, lend a touch that's almost comic, or at least jovial, and rolling congas stake out a humanizing space in the light of the fire."