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AY 010CD AY 010CD

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band started as a trio that mostly played in the bars and on the streets of Amsterdam. Since forming in 1996, they have evolved into a pack of seven musicians who perform with the heritage of klezmer music, the intensity of a punk band and the inspiration of all kinds of Gypsy and Balkan dance music. Now popular guests at numerous international festivals, dance events and pop clubs, the DJs who love them finally pay them tribute with Remixed! -- thirteen original and electrifying remixed Balkan & klezmer tracks from well-known European DJs Shantel (Bucovina Club), DJ Yuri Gurzhy (Russendisko), Stefan Schmid (Zuco 103) and many more. Along with 6 remixes out of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band repertoire you will also find 7 brand new and original tracks especially recorded for this album! The idea arose after releasing nine albums to look for new ways of displaying their musical taste. After some shared club dates with DJs and creative experiments with drum computers and samplers they decided to invite some exciting DJs and producers to work on their material. The Amsterdam Klezmer Band is an energetic and poetic stage act whose refreshing approach to klezmer and Balkan music transcends the traditional aspects of this music resulting in a very lively mix of Eastern-European sound. The band endeavors to breathe new life into this traditional music with passionate performances, spectacular live shows and a good dose of street credibility. The remix artists on this album give the Amsterdam Klezmer Band a vigorous treatment that will induce frenetic, uncontrollable movement. Klez dance!