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Nobody's Perfect Part Three

TB 038CD TB 038CD

"Known for her dark, experimental, electro sets and sublime productions, Parker's own Touchin' Bass label is now a firm fixture on the electronic music radar. Described by DJ magazine as an electro magnet (meaning she seems to attract like-minded producers from all over who are as warped and passionate about cutting-edge electro as she is) with nearly 40 releases under its belt now, including electronic pioneers like Bitstream, Doctor Evil, RD, EggFooYoung, Secret Frequency Crew, Phoenecia, Otto Von Schirach, Kero, the wee djs, Clatterbox, Nomadic, Alpha 606, Ed Devane, ADJ, Scarletron, Andrea Parker/ David Morley and more... plus a collaboration between herself and Detroit's DJ Godfather and DJ Assault, it has to be said... Touchin' Bass, is one of the world's premier electro labels. Nobody's Perfect Part Three picks up from where the first two installments left off -- showcasing cuts from Touchin' Bass releases 21-31 with Parker once again mixing her way through diverse stubborn beats, abrasive noise and oppressive drones. This album starts off with Parker herself, the Grandma of electro and long-term collaborator David Morley. Digging up some lost gems from the archives, the pair reflect on some stunning past glories, classic electronica and are brought to the boil in Queen TB's inimitable style. This mix is 22 tracks of lows and highs, filled with chaos, damaging beats and moody atmospheres, showing us once again the diversity and unique sound of Touchin' Bass. A dark, frightening endurance test!" Artists include: Clatterbox, Nomadic, Scarletron, ADJ and Ed Devane.