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Disc 1
01 09 :29
02 04 :34
03 05 :43
04 06 :11
05 01 :25
Disc 2
02 04 :22
03 05 :20
05 06 :00
06 07 :17
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking


"If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking captures a pivotal moment in piano music for 2007. The meeting of two pianists; one old and one young, sharing a stage for one night and recording the outcome. Each CD is dedicated to a single artist, each recording six tracks of heart-wrenching piano music that takes you from the prepared piano of Henry Cowell or John Cage to the delicacy of Gonzales' 'Solo Piano' album that shook us to the bone in 2004. Despite a 25-year age gap between the two, Heden and Rundqvust's separate interpretations under the same title work along the same aesthetic plane, where nuances and intricacies hold equal importance to jarring chord thrusts and heroic diminuendos. Although only the fifth release bearing his name, Rundqvist has played over 30 albums previously and played with such artists as Toots Thielemans and Monica Zetterlund. Heden, on the other hand, comes fresh-faced from the Gothenberg Academy of Music, yet displays a talent and integrity that even his idol Keith Jarrett would be proud of. As fractured melodies whirl and jump around your ears, you find yourself delving into a world where the exquisiteness of these compositions is not thrust at you: it must be found upon late-night careful listening and a desire to fully embrace what these CDs have to offer. If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking is an album that will appeal to everyone who has enjoyed and embraced the steady flow of contemplative piano releases of the last few years -- a journey that borrows as much from the masters of the past as it does from today's pioneers, creating a restrained beauty that will come to be synonymous with this new, innovative and exciting label. A label that could quite easily become Sweden's answer to neighbor Norway's Rune Grammofon imprint. And they make it seem so effortless..."