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On The Wreath


2010 release. Andrew Collberg's On The Wreath alludes to a lot of famous songwriters and bands from music history: Lennon, Kinks, Byrds, Dylan, Young. The fact that the album is still dated in the here and now is due to the influence eighties guitar pop in the eighties up to now - starting with REM, the Go-Betweens and Galaxie 500 up to Elliott Smith and Badly Drawn Boy. Compare Collberg's album with current songwriters, and it's his musical gamut that really stands out. The vibrant album cover reflects the diversity and vitality of his style. Optimistic up-tempo-songs for which the label of guitar pop was invented, beside slower tracks and melodic ballads. It is no coincidence that the opener "Clouds Of All Your Rain" is reminiscent of the Go-Betweens' legendary rain song "Spring Rain"." The intense "To The Road" starts out with a tune similar to Bob Dylan's "New Morning" and develops into a euphoric pop song. "Clementine" unfolds in exemplary fashion; the track starts like a ballad with a sluggish beat which gets twisted into a classical mid-tempo-groove, finally unfolding its beauty in the chorus. Finesses like these that can be found in plenty: In "man in the moose suit" Collberg seems to resurrect John Lennon. Songs like "Garbage Day" or "The Tide Below" offer a glimpse into the Scandinavian pop tradition and remind us of bands like El Perro del Mar, The Cardigans or Kings of Convenience. These comparisons are obvious: yet regardless of which reference one draws upon, the carefree, happy-go-lucky mood of Andrew Collbergs work is what stands out. These songs broadcast - also due to the characteristic warm voice of the artist - a natural beauty which touches and seduces the heart. It defines Andrew Collberg's style and also holds high addiction potential for the audience.