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Between Buildings And Trees


New Zealand's Andrew Thomas has been a cherished member of the Kompakt stable since 2003, and this is his second full-length album. His remarkable ability to weave loops of space and sound have kept listeners enchanted throughout the years with his delicate offerings, from the release of his first mini-album Fearsome Jewel (KOMP 027CD/KOM 086LP) throughout his numerous contributions to Kompakt's beloved Pop Ambient series. These days, the hustle and bustle of our busy lives often keep us away from the things in life we require to slow things down. That said, Andrew Thomas' music is the perfect antidote. Between Buildings And Trees represents a process of uniting new music together with remnants of old cassette/4-track recordings and early digital recordings. Thomas describes his process as such: "...when working on this album I would often be looking out to the sea, the hills, the mountains. I would do this a lot in the evenings -- dusk, with the sun/light in its dying moments." "A Dream Of A Spider" is an ambient, almost alt-country tune that sets a tone throughout this album as to how Thomas can paint such a visually-inspiring aural depiction with his music. It would be quick to conclude that his record is melancholic -- take the song "Hazer," which shimmers in its almost cathedral-like illumination. This level of contemplativeness is the key to understanding Thomas' music, and the concept of a visually inspiring landscape -- looking out to it, thinking beyond it -- this sets up two images, one of your place/position within the landscape, and secondly, your psyche's position within the landscape. This process is far more intimate, personal, and experiential -- it's not just the vastness of the land itself, but the intimate moments within it that matter. The same can be said of Thomas' evocative landscapes, which are absolutely beautiful, and absolutely essential listening within the cadre of ambient sound-makers.