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The Bedroom Slant


Bruno Pronsato, one of electronic music's most vital and innovative producers, presents The Bedroom Slant, the first full-length release under his new Archangel moniker. This new chapter follows "Since We Last Met" (2010), his shimmering and haunting collaboration as ndf with Sergio Giorgini of Benoit & Sergio, which Pitchfork and Resident Advisor hailed and DFA chose to close its 2010 Compilation; and Lovers Do (SONG 006CD, 2011), Pronsato's third album, which Resident Advisor rated at 4.5 out of 5 and Pitchfork rated at 8.1, lauding the work as "a striking and massive statement." Pronsato has also released on Perlon as Half Hawaii, his collaboration with Sammy Dee; on Telegraph as Public Lover, his collaboration with Ninca Leece; and on Hello? Repeat as Others, his collaboration with Daze Maxim. Archangel is a significant new chapter in the evolution of Pronsato's signature electronic sound. The human voice acts as one of its major elements, as Pronsato steps up to the mic to take on vocal duties, and it incorporates traditional instrumentation to a larger degree than his previous work, with his brother David Ford's bass guitar lines forming the rhythmic foundation for many of the new songs. Acknowledging his long-held love, fostered by radio, of pop, rock, and post-punk in his music for the first time, Pronsato filters his experimentalism through his formative romance with the airwaves. Pronsato is known for creating remarkably fresh and strange music from his influences, unrecognizable when compared to its inspiration. He wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed The Bedroom Slant during early morning sessions in the Prenzlauer Berg studio he shares with Benoit & Sergio. The album features collaborations with downtown scene multi-instrumentalist Peter Gordon (Love of Life Orchestra), Randy Jones aka Caro (co-founder of Orac Records), bassist Yonatan Levi (The Jimmy Cobb Quartet), and Chicago-based composer and pianist David A. Powers. Artwork by UK-based artist Marilyn Thompson. Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin.