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Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 6: R.G.B./Pre OPTRON 1999


This CD is a remastered reissue of a very limited CD-R released by Omega Point in 1999. This is the sixth volume in Edition Omega Point's Experimental Music Of Japan series. Atsuhiro Ito was born in 1965. He launched his career as a visual artist in the late '80s, and in '98 began presenting sound performances at art exhibitions. Ito made use of fluorescent lighting (which is also an element of his art installations) in the creation of an original musical device called the Optron. In addition, Ito is active in a number of musical units. One of these is Optrum, the explosively loud "extreme optical noise-core band" consisting of Ito and drummer Yoichiro Shin, and another is free jazz trio Kazuo Imai Trio with Kazuo Imai, a guitarist who is also a member of Marginal Consort, and Manabu Suzuki (electronics). He published his own label Gotobai Recordings in 2009. "My homemade instrument is called the Optron -- it outputs flicker-noise of fluorescent lamps as sound directly. In the early years of its conception, it was not only uncontrollable and unstable, but also the sound was so barbaric. However, I had no intention of controlling the system and performing it as music. I recorded the electric 'phenomenon' by flicker of fluorescent lamp innocently. I first named the Optron sound system when I performed a live show after the release of the CD-R. The sound materials of this CD-R were not recorded as noise-performances, but rather, they would be called recordings of phenomenon as effect from experimental works, and an extension of my installation works. This 'fluorescent performance' had not gotten a good reputation from my acquaintances in those days. However, I was interested in the lights and sounds simply, and it is not too much to say that it's only a feeling of 'wow, it's so exciting!'" --Atsuhiro Ito; Housed in a cardboard paper gatefold sleeve with newly-written liner notes in Japanese & English by the artist himself. Limited edition of 400 copies only.