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 - Gagarin
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Thank You For Not Discussing The Outside World


"The music of Audiac is melancholic. At times, it is even bleak and despairing. 'Oh', you might say, 'what a way to introduce a record. Now why should I listen to such a drab thing?' Here is why: Because Audiac's music is still so full of beauty that no matter how barren your emotional life or how bleak the view from your window might be, it still makes you want to go on exploring life for 'all its useless beauty' (a quote from one of their songs but also from someone else). After an energetic opener, Audiac come up with an absolute pearl of a song: 'Sneaking' gives you with that four o' clock-in-the-morning-and-I-am-the-only-living-being-in-this-world-feeling. It took the band almost four years to record this album. By the time of finishing it, they had crammed so many ideas into it, that the songs were on the verge of bursting. So they took the tapes to Hans-Joachim Irmler and asked him to produce them. In this process, almost half the ideas went out of the window of Irmler's Klangbad-Studio. The band themselves were at this point too much immersed in their work to have the necessary distance, so Irmler did the purging work on his own (working as a sonic reducer, you might say). A set-up like this would be a horror-scenario to most bands. Another interpretation of the title is that Audiac's music leaves out 99% of all other music that is currently around and clogging up our ears. This is in no way Rock of Pop, but something idiosyncratic, something with its roots more in a European music tradition. It has a lot in common with classical music and thus could be called a fine circumnavigation of the all rock-stereotypes. Given the musical output of today and Audiac's unwillingness to mix with that, their title comes as a sigh from the heart of anybody really into music: Thank You For Not Discussing the Outside World." Limited stock.