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1-2 Weeks
Disc 1
01 04 :51
02 05 :27
03 04 :47
04 03 :57
05 06 :36
Disc 2
01 06 :36
02 05 :52
03 06 :44
04 04 :32
05 05 :52
06 06 :16
B12 Records Archive Volume 3

B12 123CD B12 123CD

"The B12 Records Archive Series continues with the forthcoming release of Volume 3, as they continue to present the original B12 Records back catalogue, fully re-mastered and presented over 7 volumes. Volume 3 of this epic series collects the original fifth and sixth releases on B12 Records (catalogue numbers B1205 and B1206). These two EPs continued the new era in UK techno at the time, and forged a solid and unforgettable path that ran throughout techno music in the early nineties and has since become the digital signature of the Artificial Intelligence age. The original EPs contained three tracks that were also released on the seminal Electro Soma, a year after their B12 release, and other tracks such as 'Paradroid' and 'Inaneon' led the way into minimal techno more than a decade before the genre was fully recognized. CD1 will collect the techno explorations of B12 Records Mike Golding and Steve Rutter from early 1992 under the guise of Redcell. These tracks are unique slices of techno history and will be accompanied by two previously unreleased tracks forged in 1991. CD2, another Redcell incarnation, will capture the feel of the time with the now undisputed classic, 'Hall Of Mirrors' leading the way into a sea of lush synths and beats that have easily stood the test of time. Included on this disc will be another two previously unreleased tracks, recorded in 1992. Two awesome masterpieces, which have finally seen the light of day."