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Live At Timber Cove

MS 005LP MS 005LP

"The third full length album by 'The Grass,' following 2007's Invigorating Scent LP and the Birth/Death CDR from 2006. Timber Cove is the name of a Pacific Coast outlook off Highway 1, near Jenner, north of Gualala. The mysterious duo's synthesizers, pedals, guitars and amps were taken to the foot of Benny Bufano's legendary sculpture, 'The Expanding Universe,' an 80-foot tall missile-shaped cement monument decorated in mosaic with images of benevolent aliens. Thereafter, the equipment -- and the audience -- was turned on. The first track on the LP, mastered in glorious mono at 45 rpm for maximum impact, transposes Bufano's vision into sound, an analog anthem from deep space designed to inspire sperm whales and giant squid alike to lay down their weapons and fight no more. The small audience (of European tourists?) appears to have been moved. The entirety of side B (33 rpm, wide stereo) consists of 'DMT Elf Blues.' Amidst a disquieting drone accompanied by a languid guitar, the damaged laughter of a clown skull is irregularly audible until ultimately vanquished by plucked strings wafting in from the East. All that remains is a pair of felt boots, a cicada, a whipporwill, and a distant echo. Is this the first businessman's trip to end up in a regional wilderness? We doubt it, but only because we've previously woken in places where we never expected to be unconscious. 300 copies, color sleeves, color insert, priced for the Great Recession."