PRICE: $12.00
Marchgang/Balkan 2


"The International Freakshow theatre is raising its stage curtain for opening a hopefully hot summer season 2009. With our 13th release we bring you two young guns who -- so far -- are new to the International Freakshow's roster. Nevertheless Basti Grub from Frankfurt / Germany and DJ W!Ld from Paris / France will definitely show their skills with 2 massive tracks on if-13! Both tunes are properly carrying the spirit of an hedonistic summer party! The A-side comes along with Mr. Basti Grub's 'Marchgang.' His trip into the depths of electronic music lead him through all the wellknown clubs in and around Frankfurt city in the first place. Nowadays he runs his own little label called Hoehenregler, releasing quality house & techno music. His track on if-13 feels like a journey into the wonderland of minimal fusion techno. Basti's tune is one of those that are making you smile while you are rocking our socks off hard on the dancefloor! His tune 'Marchgang' sounds a bit like being the clash of 1920s music with the 21st century minimal house sound! And do you know what?! The crazy combination fully works -- give it a try folks! The flip side delivers DJ W!ld's 'Balkan2.' DJ W!ld's musical career started 13 years ago in France with his first DJ-attempts behind the decks. Today the French mastermind is presenting his sound from one continent to another, as a tireless traveler he is spreading hot underground music to the people with his technical mixes. After having started his own label Catwash together with chris carrier a couple of years ago, his reputation as a producer is constantly growing all around the planet! For if-13, DJ W!ld brings us 'Balkan2' -- an epic and massive rollin' samba-esque techhouse bomb, that has the dynamic and power to make you go nuts! This track is pure Latin groove in a postmodern shape that will deeply satisfy all of you who are into the style of artists like Ricardo Villalobos or Luciano, to name a few!"