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The Hexadic System

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"Introducing a new approach to playing and composing music. It doesn't require the use of a computer or an internet hookup; all that the interested player will need is a guitar, a copy of The Hexadic System book -- and a regular deck of playing cards. The struggle of habit is a problem in all walks of life, particularly creative work. We don't always have an instinct to question the systems we are taught -- but consider the old adage about history being written by the winners. What does that imply about the processes with which we learn? Have alternate teachings been discarded over the years, like the lost gospels of the Bible, when their approach to lesson-making was deemed less worthwhile? 'The greatest value of the Hexadic System is to dissolve the musical structures that have been imposed on the player's mind... Composing music without the outer-self, using the tools of games and divination,' suggests Ben Chasny, in the text of The Hexadic System. In music, it is generally accepted that perceptions of tonality may vary, depending on where in the world one learns about music (as exemplified by the fundamental differences in western and eastern scales). One of the concerns that led to the writing of The Hexadic System was to proceed from a multimodal understanding available to 21st century musicians, but also to suggest an ordered approach to unfamiliar choices and techniques when composing and playing guitar music. Inspired by explorations in the thought of Ramon Llull, Gaston Bachelard, Heinrich Agrippa, and many other theorists in the various schools of combinatorial and image theory, Chasny's goal was to make a system of his own, addressing the most important form of decision making in his life -- the choices made with his guitar." Paperback, 115 pages, 4.5"x7".