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The Black Swan

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"Bert Jansch has enjoyed a musical career that stretches right back to the early 1960s. His debut album was recorded on a Revox tape deck in the kitchen of a London flat, played on a succession of borrowed guitars and reputedly sold to Transatlantic Records for £100. The likes of Jimmy Page and Neil Young have all acknowledged how important Jansch's work was in shaping their musical development. Neil has been quoted as saying, 'As much of a great guitar player as Jimi was, Bert Jansch is the same thing for acoustic guitar...and my favourite.' Today, new generations of acolytes, including Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler, cite Jansch as a true musical innovator. Records made forty years ago with the band Pentangle and under his own name are now classics being listened to by a new generation of fans. Over the past five years, he's received tributes and awards from the BBC, Mojo magazine and musicians whose music has been influenced by his. Lifetime achievement awards are given because of a lifetime of achievements -- and Bert Jansch has continued to write and record all down the years, creating fresh sounds within the context of traditional music. This essence is fully evident in his fine new release The Black Swan -- which, not unlike his first album, was recorded (partially) at home. The Black Swan features a number of guest appearances from contemporary musicians (such as Beth Orton, Devendra Banhart and members of groups such as Espers and Mazzy Star) living the dream of playing with the master, Bert Jansch."