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Betting on the Mouse

QA 005CD QA 005CD

This is the first international album by the Copenhagen and Berlin-based band Betting On The Mouse and the fourth album on Questions & Answers. Betting on the Mouse is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Martha Marie Skou. With a background in various fields of the Copenhagen creative scene, Martha Marie Skou is somehow the anchorwoman of the band with members Xian Foo (brother of Sharin Foo/Raveonettes) (drums), Kristian Haarløv (guitar), and Jonathan Aardestrup (bass). Betting On The Mouse formed in 2009 and have since played several concerts around Denmark. In 2011, they released their first EP and were applauded wildly by public decision-makers all over. Danish music magazine Undertoner wrote: "It is early in the year, but I can already predict that BOTM is competing to become this year's record. A truly excellent debut." Betting on the Mouse is intense modern alternative pop with organic instruments and much love given to electronic detail. With an almost brutal honesty, the songs invite you into a universe of dysphoria, but lifted and driven by desire and playfulness. Martha Skous' crystal-clear, seductive and charismatic voice brings her audience a sense of hope, yet celebration while the lyrics center around much of today's everyday urges: restlessness, passion, the fear of life slipping through your hands, and the need to accomplish something.