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A Feral Spirit


"The temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest of the United States is a fecund node, both psychological and physical, profoundly affecting all that dwell there with the irresistible song of nature: The call to grow, to seek illumination, to gain nourishment, to grapple with the true reality of existence, to fight for survival among the ancient pines of a world wracked with modernity. From this organic cauldron comes Blood Of The Black Owl. Formed in 2004 by heathen visionary Chet W. Scott, (of noted post-industrial entity Ruhr Hunter), as a primitive fusion of slow tempo earth metal and woodland ritualistic doom, the journey culminating in the debut self-titled album on Bindrune Records in 2006. An ode to the more destructive and primal elements found in not only nature, but in black metal and trance-inducing funeral doom as well, the work marked a distinct movement away from the more ambient feel of much of the Ruhr Hunter material, while forging a unique musical path all of his own in the deep woods of Washington state. A Feral Spirit takes the journey further into the heart of the forest. Combining Native American shamanic influence and the Germanic nature worship of his own heritage with an entirely transcendent musical vision, Blood Of The Black Owl gives praise to the spirits of nature and the unspoken bonds that tie man, beast and environment. With elements of doom metal, ambient, ritual and native musics in evidence throughout the album, Blood Of The Black Owl involve the listener in a timeless and spiritually expansive journey of discovery, evaluation and reflection over the course of the album's 73 minutes. 'A personal cleansing woven through audible passages of earthbound ritualistic transcendence.' With its rigid stand against modernity and monotheism, A Feral Spirit is a clarion call for the rebirth of the human animal spirit and a return to the ancestral forests of our past. Blood Of The Black Owl shall lead them." Gatefold sleeve.