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01 04 :16
02 03 :43
04 04 :01
05 03 :47
06 04 :08
07 03 :19
08 04 :55
09 04 :39
10 02 :21
11 04 :09
12 03 :20
13 05 :28
Still Waters

BEC 5156464 BEC 5156464

Black vinyl version. Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot presents his second album, Still Waters, the full-length inauguration of the project's duo configuration with collaborator Irfane. Still Waters is an assortment of southern sunrays created according to the duo's well-oiled formula. They each cook up outlines of rhythms and melodies, then modify, complete, and extend them to reach a final draft. Still, Still Waters sees Breakbot trying out a few new moves; unlike Berland's 2012 debut, By Your Side, Still Waters is more the work of intricate workmanship carved out with the help of old analog machines rather than digital software. Some of these tracks were also happy accidents from improvisational sessions; ricochets of voices and chords born of old-school jam sessions. Thirteen bouncy acts with Stevie Wonder and the Motown crowd in the background; spouts of funk and disco on a well-trodden dancefloor. Crafty ideas whipped up in a vintage outfit with techno vibes and futuristic accelerations creating a perfectly current soundtrack. Tomorrow's retro. With Still Waters, Breakbot introduces its new head along with a new uniform. With the help of art director Philippe Jarrigeon, the guy wearing short shorts and knee-high socks has become a character in a cocktail colored costume, like a Florida prince. Image on music. Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves.