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S55 001CD S55 001CD

First release on Cristian Vogel's new Station 55 Records -- an independent record label affiliated with Vogel's Barcelona-based recording studio. After performing with groups such as Plexus and Las Perras del Infierno, Spain's Merche Blasco formed Burbuja as a vehicle for her own musical exploration. Since its conception two years ago, she has participated and collaborated with various artists, establishing a strong relationship between different mediums of artistic expression and her own musical direction. She has composed music to accompany the sculptures of Lucy Orta at the Venice Biennial and soundtracks for videos and installations by the artists of Fabrica. Cristian Vogel (for whom Burbuja had previously contributed vocals to the track "Monkey Inc." for the album Station 55 on Novamute) meticulously edited the field recordings that Burbuja collected during two years of living in different European cities. Further tracking and vocal takes were then recorded at the Station 55 studio, creating an intimate debut of found sound and haunting melodies. The 13 songs offer a glimpse into a fragile and introspective artistic microcosm where everyday activities such as cooking, riding a bike or eating breakfast serve as sound sources and lyrical themes. Burbuja's whispery voice, hypnotic beats and catchy acoustic-work is accompanied by an ensemble made up of ticking clocks, scissors, an egg whisk, distant thunder, and like the original musique concrete masterpieces, these sounds are left to exude their inherent, natural beauty within a song format. Burbuja invites the listener to tip-toe through her delicate and deeply personal mix of realism and fantasy.