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Notes From Life On The Wire With a Wrecking Ball


"Kristian Craig Robinson AKA Capitol K is on a quest to find a utopia within sound and with Notes from Life on the Wire with a Wrecking Ball, his 5th album, he may just have found it. There are few other artists who can make the experimental sound quite so engaging. Notes from Life on the Wire with a Wrecking Ball is a record born out of creative London, but Capitol K is by no means your usual citizen. Recent years he has spent much of his time living in squats and places soon to be demolished with other artisans. Ideas around the act of detournement (deviation of course), psycho geographic wandering, Utopian fantasy and outsider writings strongly influence this album. As Capitol K says, 'Seeing how artisans have reacted to social economic alienation, and managed existence alongside and in spite of rapid consumerist, homogenization, which is particular rampant in London, I became increasingly aware of the maximization of culture going on, maximum house, maximum color, maximum impact, so in turn I wanted to create a subvert maximum music for a maximum world.' Recordings were performed in a lo-fi studio set up in a squat on Drum St, alongside highly skilled Italian Jazz Drummer Vladimiro Carboni and Brazilian guitarist Felipe Pagani, whom he met while playing electronics for Tropicalist act Cibelle touring the world in 2006, they had little previous knowledge of the Capitol K unique sound, or electronica in general. This sums up his vision of combining cultures of the world, as K puts, 'I wanted their influence of real skill and strictness within the shaping of this album, to act as a balance to my lo-fi London Flaneur approach.' It is also true that this album is a love story, unless you are autistic in which case it's about mechanics."