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Sweet Beat -- The Legendary 60s Pop Session

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Originally reissued by the Bureau B label in 2005. Born in Paris to Italian parents, Caterina Valente became an international songstress and entertainer in the mid-late '50s, and broke through in the U.S. on Perry Como's TV show in 1961. She co-hosted shows alongside Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart in 1964, and in 1968, the TV special Caterina From Heidelberg was watched by over 50 million viewers in the U.S. That same year, as she was elaborating the concept for her new international album in 1968, the radio speakers were still blasting out Scott McKenzie's 1967 hymn of praise for the flower generation of San Francisco. The new "swinging London" became the birthplace of new recordings by artists such as The Beatles, The Kinks and Petula Clark. And so, Caterina Valente and Eric Van Aro, who was her husband and manager at that time, decided to do a tribute album of '60s pop. The album was recorded at Teldec studios in Berlin in1968, and according to the recording minutes, the 13 songs were recorded within 12 hours. Originally titled Sweet Beat and released by Decca in 1968, arranged by the legendary Heinz Kiessling and produced by Eric Van Aro.