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Pure Moods

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"Crusty - foul, upper crusty. What's poking through? Ah yes, the collective middle finger. But wait. There it is, for all to see - that middle finger is sporting the peace-iest mood ring this side of the '70s. It's a warm mood -- PURE, even. Yes, Pure Moods -- the sound of Cave, the five-fingered CAVE to be exact, the quintet version of the band that toured the USA and Europe in 2009. Pure Moods was recorded in semi-written, semi-improvised fashion following the annihilation of mainland Europe last fall. Afternoon sessions faded into the night and tripped into morning, songs coalescing, jams extending, beer bellies expanding. Fine-tuned, clean guitar amps grew crunchier and crunchier the longer their tubes burned, increasing tonal density accordingly as mass pushed volume. Cave throbs as an entity. They core themselves around sickeningly tight drum and bass that drive like a thinline, curvy, armored-vehicle so that the sinewy, metaphysical guitar-work can punctuate, aggressive yet deceptively seamless, through any fleshy surface -- be it human, water, or a wall of 'Hot Bricks,' the first nug on this here EP. All is surrounded by a glistening force-field of lake-misty keys and synths, like an unfurling cloak set to shroud and envelope a grungy beard or sixty. Hark! The group-chant vocals are singing -- 'Teenager,' with its comeslither refrain, cuts through the before-mentioned mist and tickles the scrote (or the cute little six-pack space, if you got tits) between the delayed echoes of guitar. Hair-raising, if nothing else; of course, we know it's probably not the only thing this track will raise."