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Kill the DJ introducing The Dysfunctional Family


Two years after Optimo's landmark Kill the DJ compilation (over 25,000 copies worldwide), the Parisian label strikes with a new mix from Chloé and Ivan Smagghe. Mademoiselle Chloé is a DJ and producer and truly one of the pillars of the European club scene. Her style, at the crossroads of dirty minimalism and deviant electro, reflects her ecclectism. She is resident at clubs such as WMF in Berlin, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt (the club sponsored by Roman Flugel's prestigious label Playhouse) and plays regularly at Fabric London, Watergate Berlin, Mondo Madrid... etc. Alongside Ivan Smagghe she is part of a new generation of French DJs that have given a breath of fresh air to house music on a international level. Ivan Smagghe -- half of Blackstrobe (alongside Armand Reutini) and internationally-recognized DJ -- stands at the crossroads between trendy scene hype and unflinching musical integrity. Since his earliest days on the Parisian electronic underground -- working in record shops, as a music journalist, playing parties -- he's shunned the obvious trends and embraced his own ideas choosing to work with a wide variety of close collaborators and develop projects that are solely his own. A guy in a lesbian club, a tough girl in a boy's world... Chloé and Ivan come to the club with clenched fists raised, hair down. The Dysfunctional Family reconstructs and redefines the concept of genre, for at Kill the DJ straight genre and gender have been dead and buried for a long time. This is music for a dark and seedy club, where blondes wear moustaches, and the lady toilet attendant is a guy in mini skirt. No style is style -- no gender is gender -- we are all dysfunctional. Artists include: Planningtorock, Dapayk, Enik, 2000 and One, Egoexpress, Musiccargo, Jason Edwards, Botox, Louderbach, Wighnomy Bros., Water Lilly, REmo Te, Point B, Billy Childish and Holly Golightly.