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This is the debut full-length release by Clara Moto. On Polyamour, Clara provides ample proof of her allegiance to electronic music. Her affection for the genre comes in many forms, each imbued with her unique brand of femininity, and she embraces it in all its diversity and spontaneity. Clara takes life snapshots, fragments of emotions and her daily -- and nightly -- perceptions and turns them into sounds. So it is quite appropriate that the opening track should be named after a character in The Crying Of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. Clara Moto is polyamorous: the full-on intensity of simple little love stories moves her more than relational exclusivity agreements of epic proportions. Nor are we surprised that her friend Mimu should feature on three of the album's tracks. On stage, together, they have acted as the ears and eyes, the speakers and spotlights of a single live set. In the studio, ever since "Silently," Clara has seized every opportunity to line some of her poppier productions with Mimu's tantalizing tales of everyday life. She imbues the sentimental narrative "Deer & Fox" and the Welsh laments of "Joy Of My Heart" with the same bewitching, sensitive and refined precision. When she ventures into more introspective, magical waters, she does so with an attention to detail that a goldsmith would envy. She weaves her sound textures with cinematic tropes, galactic synthesizers and sound effects so understated they are at times almost imperceptible. Cat-like, conquering, and hypnotic, Clara's productions alternate between pressure and release, matters of the mind and matters of the flesh, motion and contemplation.