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Che Il Mio Grido Giunga A Te/Prendi La Chitarra E Prega

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2014 release. In 1962, Pope Giovanni XXIII set out the second Vatican council. It was a time of modernization through the expectations of a changing nation, and the Catholic Church reformed many of their fundaments. It was in this way that in the middle of the '60s, even the hippies and their guitars, after being widespread in the streets and clubs all around Italy, got a foot in the door of churches and parishes. The beat sound began to play in fervent Catholics' ears and the "Messe Beat" movement became common in all the country. Through the protagonists of that season (Dario Salvatori, Bruno Rukauer - Clan Alleluia, Gege' Polloni - Gli Amici, Giovanni Sabbatucci, Mauro Scaringi, and many others) and the brand new band Complesso Gli Illuminati, this documentary pieces together the origins of this musical movement that has been enjoyed, and is continuing to be enjoyed, by an highly heterogeneous audience. This release includes the documentary film directed by Paolo Fazzini, Che Il Mio Grido Giunga A Te, on DVD along with the first CD reissue of Complesso Gli Illuminati's debut album Prendi La Chitarra E Prega, originally released in 2008 on vinyl by Hit Bit Records. Complesso Gli Illuminati are a psych-beat meets The Who group with religious lyrics hailing from Roma, Italy. DVD is in Italian with English subtitles; DVD is PAL format, region free.